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manooi lamp
aston lounge chair
secto design lamp
egg chair

City Apartment

In the run-up to the renovation work, we visualized the most important areas of the city apartment.

Our client Sara Röhl:

“We wanted to create a modern and cozy look at the same time. The combination of different materials and different styles gives the room an interesting touch. The @manooi_light_creations chandelier and the Aston lounge chairs by @minotti_spa add a bit of elegance to the dining area.

The color palette was kept very neutral so as not to compete with the works of art. We’re almost done with the plan and I’m so happy how this personalized bookcase wall with the dark marble fireplace has turned out for our townhouse project. The beautiful @sectodesign lamps bring so much warmth to the room.”

Customer:  Sara Röhl Interiors



Manooi light creations, Minotti, Sectodesign